Compute Resources

Compute Sharing. Compute resources such as clusters, parallel machines, and desktop compute resources can be shard in a similar manner. For example to create an OGSA-BES resource that proxies a PBS queue e.g.,

     create-resource /containers/UVA/CS/camillus/  /home/grimshaw/testPBS-resource

creates new OGSA-BES resources on the host camillus in the computer science department at UVA. It places a link to the new resource (i.e., how it can be accessed in the future) in the GFFS directory /home/grimshaw. The new resource can be passed a configuration file that tells it information it needs to know about the local queuing system, in this case that it is a PBS queue, where shared scratch space is to be found, and so forth.1 Access control is now at the user’s discretion.


1 Users can also create OGSA-BES resources that exploit cloud resources that are Amazon EC2 compliant, such as the Amazon cloud, the NSF funded FutureGrid clouds, and Penguin clouds.

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