A compendium of frequently-asked-questions and how-tos to help you get the most out of your Genesis II installation

Contact information

Is there an XCG HELP email address if I have problems or questions? Yes, there is. Use this link. Please indicate the nature of your problem or request in the body of the email.


How do I disable security features such access-control for newly-created objects, authentication, and digital-signing of messages?
Config-file modifications for disabling security features.

How do I change protocols, HTTP versus HTTPS
Procedure for specifying the transport protocol via the system configuration files.

How do I change where I want my Genesis II state?
Procedure for using a non-default location for storing the session state used by client tools and the service state used by the Genesis II Container.

How do I activate multiple containers on one machine?
Procedure for setting up multiple containers to run on machine without port conflicts.

How do I enhance the logging thresholds for debugging?
Procedure for viewing all debug statements or how to specify a specific debug category.

How do I register a Genesis II Container as a Windows service or Linux Daemon?
Procedure for registering a Genesis II Container to start as an operating system service when the machine boots.

On the Grid

How do I activate and attach a new Genesis II Container to an existing grid?
Procedure for starting a container locally and attaching it to an existing grid or the UVa Grid

How do I set up and run jobs through a queueing service?
Procedure for setting up and using the queue system

How do I use the application-deployment tools?
Procedure for deploying an application on a grid and running it through a BES container

How do I add a resolver to a service?
Procedure for configuring a grid service to mint EPRs designed to leverage a resolver service in case of unreachableness.

Common Problems

I changed my Windows password and now my Genesis II container service will not start
Procedure for modifying the properties of your Genesis II container service in Windows after a Windows password change

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