File System Resources - aka Exports

An export takes the specified rooted directory tree, maps it into the global namespace, and thus provides a means for non-local users to access data in the directory via the GFFS. Local access to the exported directory is un-effected. Existing scripts, cron jobs, and applications can continue to access the data. grid export /containers/Big-State-U/Sarah-server /development/sources /home/Sarah/dev Once a GFFS container is running that can “see”1 the directory to be exported, it is quite simple to share data. For example, Sarah could share out using the simple command2

This exports from the machine “Sarah-server”, the directory tree rooted at “/development/sources”, and links it into the global namespace at the path “/home/Sarah/dev”. Once exported data is accessible (subject to access control) until the export is terminated. The net result is a user can decide to securely share out a particular directory structure with colleagues anywhere with a network connection and this collaborator can subsequently access it with no effort.


1 The host on which the GFFS container is running must have the file system that contains the data mounted, and must have permission to access the file system.

2 There are also GUI mechanisms to do this as well.

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