Improvements in the GFFS codebase

This page lists the bug fixes, enhancements and new features that have been added to the GFFS codebase recently.

XSEDE SDIACT-149 corresponds to version 2.7.542.

XSEDE SDIACT-175 corresponds to version 2.7.549.

1Login dialog offers 'proxy' choice now for MyProxy, LRZ Proxy, or None.Chris K.2.7.542
2Addressed interop issue between sdiact-149 code and sdiact-126 code by not passing along client's transient credentials on outcall. This is also a space savings in soap header for these unused credentials.Chris K.2.7.542
3Login dialog in ui now remembers user's last choice for login proxy.Chris K.2.7.549
4Owner certificate for the container is now cached.Chris K.2.7.549
5Admin certificate for the container is now cached.Chris K.2.7.549
6Refactored omnibus to just use "grid" as the grid command everywhere rather than "$GENII_INSTALL_DIR/grid" due to improved set_gffs_vars.Chris K.2.7.549
7New "jump" menu in client-ui with the "open home" and "open root" options.Chris K.2.7.549
8Display file in UI always left "reading file contents". Now that is cleared once file data starts becoming available.Chris K.2.7.550
9Added file locking to calling context file management to protect against simultaneous read/write attempts that could lead to an inconsistent state for the context.Chris K.2.7.550
10Failed login (perhaps due to wrong password) would leave a username+password token in the user's credentials, which would foil logins from then on until a logout --all was done. Now the token is not left behind and the user can immediately try again.Chris K.2.7.550
11Fixed broken grid client prompt (had "X:\>" or something awful before, with a backslash that should never have been visible, now defaults to "[X]" instead).Chris K.2.7.550
12Stopped using GENII_INSTALL_DIR variable in any java code, which eliminates a confusion if the user had set the variable but it was incorrect.Chris K.2.7.550
13Fixed queue exception when listing jobs for mine/all if "everyone" has write access on queue ACLs.Chris K.2.7.552
14Fixed that xscript exit did not actually return the provided exit code.Chris K.2.7.552
15Improved set_gffs_vars script now loads the xsede tools (if not on a dumb terminal or under PBS execution) and also puts the GENII_INSTALL_DIR into the path.Chris K.2.7.552
16Added directory staging support for job-tool and BES.Chris K.2.7.552
17Added sweeping job implementation for the queue, so that parameter sweep submissions are taken over by the queue and an immediate answer is returned for the submit. The queue then manages adding all the sweep jobs.Chris K.2.7.552
18Parallel read/write improvements. Specifically now do pipelined read ahead of read block sized (32 MB) blocks. Number of read ahead and read ahead block size configurable. Write behind of 8 MB blocks implemented. Max number of write behind configurable. Write behind block size will soon be configurable.Andrew G.2.7.552
19Assorted job tool user interface improvements (window management, file filtering).Chris K.2.7.552
20Added OpenMPI as parallel environment available in job tool.Chris K.2.7.554
21Fixed issue with stage-ins not supporting scratch filesystem properly.Chris K.2.7.554
22Improved property file management, container and client properties can be overridden by placing config files in the state directory.Chris K.2.7.556
23Added support for unzip/untar of files as stage-ins for jobs.Andrew G. & Chris K.2.7.556
24Added two SPMD modes for sequential jobs--Shared Threaded and Node Exclusive ThreadedChris K.2.7.556
25Added support for zip/tar of files as stage-outs from jobs.Chris K.2.7.556
26If we are unable to communicate with a host after a definable constant number of tries, stop trying. Then, periodically retry. This is called the DeadHosts lists.Andrew G and Chris K2.7.552
27Only dump the cache when there is a fault that should dump the cache, not all faults. Also, only clean out cache entries related to the fault, again, not all faults.Andrew G., Yan, and Chris K2.7.552
28Checking and automatic reloading of FUSE driver credentials.Chris K.pending
29Improvements in SLURM queue checking and job cancellation.Chris K.2.7.556