File and Directory Commands

  • cat - Concatenates, or displays, the data from one or more grid or local resources.
  • cd - Changes the current working RNS path of the current grid shell or session.
  • cp - Copy data between local file-system files and/or grid RNS namespace ByteIO resources.
  • echo - Echos the contents of the command line.
  • export - Export an entire local directory structure with files into the grid giving users access to that data through the grid without requiring copies of the data to be made.
  • ln - Create new entries in RNS space for existing resources either by linking them from other RNS paths, or by creating them from EPRs.
  • ls - Lists entries in a directory
  • mkdir - Creates a directory
  • pwd - Returns the current path of the user
  • rm - Deletes/Removes entries
  • unlink - Unlink, or remove the namespace entry for, an entry in the current session's RNS space. Can also be used to remove local entries.

Security Commands

  • authz-Inspect and modify the authorization policy for a grid resource.
  • chmod-Modify the authorization policy for a GenesisII grid resource
  • create-user-Creates a new grid user from scratch.
  • create-user-delegate-Creates a new grid user by delegating an existing credential.
  • Idp-Create an identity-provider resource (IDP) from which users can obtain credentials
  • login-Login (or acquire credentials) that can be used in the grid.
  • logout-Removes authentication information from the user's context.
  • whoami-Prints out the credentials of the currently logged in user.
  • certTool-A separate commandline tool that allows users to create or import certificates and/or keypairs within keystore files.

Applications and Execution

  • qcomplete-Completes, or garbage collects, jobs in the final states inside of grid queues.
  • qconfigure-Configures the number of slots available for resources managed by grid queues.
  • qkill-Terminates (moves to a final state) a job in a grid queue.
  • qlist-List the public information about all jobs currently managed by a grid queue.
  • qstat-List the public and private information about jobs currently managed by a grid queue and owned by the caller.
  • qsub-Submit a new job to a grid queue.
  • run-Run a job on the grid
  • bes-policy-Allows you to query or manipulate the BES policy currently being enforced on a BES container.
  • tty-Allows you to watch or unwatch an existing TTY object.


  • connect-Connects the current session to an existing net.
  • create-resource-Creates a new resource using generic creation mechanisms.
  • ftpd-Creates an FTP Daemon on the client machine that can be used to access FTP resources with an FTP Client.
  • get-attributes-Retrieves and prints the attribute document for a target.
  • get-bes-attributes-Retrieves and prints the attribute document for a BES container.
  • ping-Sends a character string to a resource, which is echoed back.
  • schedule-termination-Schedule a resource to auto-terminate at some time in the future.
  • script-Execute a Genesis II XML script.
  • set-user-config-Unspecified (assigned to Duane)
  • xmldb-query-sends queries to the XML database of the Information Service