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PSC - Blacklight

On Blacklight, we are running Unicore6 BES service which interacts with Blacklight compute resources to run grid users jobs. Users can run batch jobs Blacklight. Users can also share their local data on Blacklight with other grid users.

On Blacklight, we are running Unicore6 BES service which interacts with Mason compute resources to run grid users jobs.

To submit bacth jobs to Blacklight, use this path in grid name space


GenesisII client on Blacklight

GFFS at XSEDE is currently available on the Blacklight login node and can be loaded using the standard Modules environment manager commands:

First, ssh to using your xsede credentials. Then run gsissh in command line. Once on blacklight, you can run module load command

ex. -bash-4.1$ module load genesis-ii

Use your XSEDE User Portal (XUP) username/password to authenticate with the GFFS servers and the XSEDE grid. Here's a command line example:

-bash-4.1$ grid grid:\$> xsedeLogin --username=<XUP-username> Password for : Replacing client tool identity with credentials for "CN=......, O=National Center for Supercomputing Applications, C=US". grid:\$>

To share your Blacklight data with XSEDE grid users

1. Run script (located in ~grimshaw/ allowing the user that runs GenesisII container access to your data

ex. bash ~grimshaw/ vana /usr/users/2/grimshaw rx
The above command gives user 'vana' permissions to read user 'grimshaw''s home directory on blacklight. vana is the user running GenesisII GFFS container on blacklight. When user shares data, it it important to give atleast read access to all the directories upto (and including) the directory to be shared.
ex. bash ~grimshaw/ -R vana /usr/users/2/grimshaw/shared-dir rwx
The above command give user 'vana' permissions to read/write/execute recursively on user 'grimshaw''s shared-dir on blacklight

2. Install xsede grid client on your desktop/laptop. If you have already installed the client, skip to Step3.

3. On your grid client, login to xsede grid using your xsede credentials

ex. grid xsedeLogin --username=<xsede-portal-id>

4. Run grid export create command to share your blacklight data on grid

ex. grid export --create /resources/ local:/usr/users/2/grimshaw/shared-dir /home/
This command creates a export in grid namespace, /home/

5. To share your export with other xsede users, give appropriate permissions to access the shared directory

ex. grid chmod /home/ +rwx /users/
Here, xsede grid user 'grimshaw' shared /home/ with xsede grid user 'vana'. Now xsede user 'vana' will be able to directly read/write/execute files in user 'grimshaw''s blacklight home directory /usr/users/2/grimshaw/shared-dir .
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