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Main: Viewing Debug Statements

This wiki describes how to manipulate what DEBUG/INFO/etc information is printed to the console at runtime. By default, only INFO statements are printed to the console at runtime with only some DEBUG information. To change what is printed, go to the lib/ file.

Viewing All DEBUG Statements

Comment out the line that is specifying INFO statements to print and uncomment the line that is specifying DEBUG statements not to print. This should be at the top of the file. You want the following result:

 #log4j.rootCategory=INFO, VCONSOLE
 log4j.rootCategory=DEBUG, VCONSOLE

Viewing a Specific Category of DEBUG Statements

Printing all DEBUG statements to the screen will produce a lot of output. You can narrow down what is printed out by specifying what specific DEBUG category should be printed instead.

To determine what category of DEBUG statements you would like to print out, set all debug statements to print as described above. Additionally, specify the Conversion Pattern to print the category (%c) by modifying the line as follows. (The inserted text is in bold.)

 log4j.appender.VCONSOLE.layout.ConversionPattern=[%d{ISO8601}:%p] (m%n

Now you can run Genesis II to figure out what category(ies) you want to print out. Once you have this information, add the following line to the bottom of the file for each CATEGORY:


Be sure to switch the comments on the rootCategory to the default setting of printing just INFO statements and not all DEBUG statements.

Viewing SOAP Messages

There is more than one category that can be selected to print out the SOAP messages. I have selected the following categories as they allow viewing of the SOAP messages and do not print much other info. As a result is easier to parse through the DEBUG statements. Once you have acquired the print out, I recommend searching for </soapenv:body to the get the contents of the SOAP message body.

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